Black House, Mount Pleasant, Christchurch, NZ

Black House, Mount Pleasant, Christchurch, NZ

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Architecture is the art of shaping poetry

The Studio's work, questioning the boundary between Art and Architecture, provides engaging and innovative living space with the highest sustainability standard. Design solutions are tailored on client needs and site's characteristics. Hence the final product will be unique and strongly related to the context and wider environment. On a specific-project basis, the studio, maintaining the leadership of the whole process, works in a network with local and international practices to achieve the best operational efficiency and local knowledge worldwide to accommodate the needs of a big scale project or specific requirements.

Studio We question the boundary between Art and Architecture

Massimiliano Capocaccia Portrait

Massimiliano Capocaccia

Architect, Principal

Max was exposed to the foundations of design from an early age and worked at his father's practice in his native Rome. He completed a Masters in architecture at (university) and later established his own practice also in Rome. In 2007 he moved to New Zealand and worked with Athfield Architects before establishing mc architecture studio ltd.

Collaboration is a consistent feature of the studio and Max is committed to developing local and international networks to cross-pollinate ideas and maintain his connection and currency with best practice and new conceptual thinking. He strongly believes that interaction develops professionalism and human potential. Although strongly influenced by European standards, processes and aesthetics, Max takes inspiration from many sources. He has travelled extensively and completed his master's thesis in India where he explored low cost housing. Inspiration comes also from sports and the natural environment - the ocean and the mountains particularly - as well as music and arts. Max is passionate about built environments that attract and inspire- whether as a public civic building, a retail space or that most personal of buildings - one's own home.

  • Member of New Zealand Green Building Council
  • Member of New Zealand Institute of Architects
  • Registered Architect in New Zealand & in Europe
Philip Yeo

Philip Yeo

Architectural Technician

Philip Yeo holds a Diploma in Architectural Technology. He joined MC Architecture Studio in mid 2012.

Philip was born and bred in Christchurch. From a young age he had a strong sense of design and enjoys the process of problem solving and creating. This inspired him to work with steel fabrication and he holds a National Certificate in Light Fabrication. This then inspired him to follow his passion towards Architecture.

  • 2013 National Diploma in Architectural Technology
  • 2007 - 2009 National Certificate in Engineering Fabrication
Biljana Pesun Portrait

Biljana Pesun

Architectural Graduate, M. Arch I Urb Plan

Biljana finished the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb in 2012. In 2016 moved to New Zealand and very soon joined MC Architecture Studio.

The thing I learned at the university I value most is that we all leave ripples. That was one of the messages I got from one of my favourite professors at the university. His lectures were about cities, actually, saying that cities, like people, live of love. And that got me thinking about my profession. Why I wanted to be an architect, urban planner. Luckily for me after a long period of contemplation about my profession I have found I am at the right place and that I have chosen correctly. I love my profession. As architects, we have a possibility to build relationships, realise people’s dreams or at least give them a setting to try to conceive them.

It is essential to try to understand people... and try to provide them with what they need, want, desire but also try to teach them what they might not know. Today, as a practicing professional, I try to incorporate all of the above said into what I do every day. At times it does seem a challenge, but I guess that is what we are all here for.

Natalie Pohlova

Natalie Pohlova

Architectural Graduate

Natalie has always been creative and interested in drawing and design. After graduating her Master’s Degree in architecture at University in Ostrava, Natalie moved to New Zealand. As soon as she arrived she immediately fell in love with the ocean, surf and its atmosphere. She’s always on the move, loves to explore, create and getting inspired by the city and nature. Natalie keeps smiling, dreaming and sharing.

The passion to explore and getting inspired also led her to go and study architecture at Istanbul University in Turkey. The biggest value hasn’t been only that she learnt about the new amazing culture but also about other way of thinking while developing architectural or urban design. As a graduate in architecture she’s also interested in arts, design, fashion and nature.

Natalie likes to remember the time when she attended Art school and her teacher used to make her work really hard to tighten the hand drawings to perfection. This is a quality what has stayed with her until today. Natalie is focused from large scale till small detail and still looking for, ”that“ something little extra; philosophy and spirit of the place. As a part of proposals at university Natalie always welcomes questions leading to discussion as it makes her think about every single step she does while designing

Irina Sizova Portrait

Irina Sizova

Architectural Graduate, M.Arch (Prof)

Irina graduated with a Master of Architecture (Professional) from Auckland University in 2015. She then moved to Christchurch and later joined MC Architecture Studio in early 2017.

Irina was born in Khabarovsk, Russia, but at the age of five she migrated to New Zealand where she inherited her love for outdoor adventures and became accustomed to the kiwi lifestyle.

Her greatest strengths include visualisation, hand drawing, and problem solving. As well as the ability to design at both the overall aesthetic scale of the building, right through to the smallest design detail.

“I strongly value the sculptural potential within architecture. I believe that architecture is a craft and the specific utilization of both light and materiality can result in unique and distinctive spatial qualities.”