Who is Gaining, Who is Paying?

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Architecture is for the benefit of communities, the enjoyment of a successful space is not only for the people living within its walls.

Witnessed too many times, a land owner can think that constructing a poorly designed building could be a better investment and, unfortunately, in some cases he might be right, particularly in a short term vision. Where the need of office spaces is very high you might not have good gain in investing in good design.

What about the community that lives around that office building, how do we quantify the gain for the community of having a well designed building that enhances the streetscape? Is it fair to ask to the land owner to pay what the community will gain? 

Should the community pay for an extra effort in the design process, or ultimately should the architect be paid by the community instead of that by private? 

After all, though it is a private investment, it is the public who are truly effected by the impact of a building, and gain the everyday enjoyment when walking on a beautiful street.