The Shapeless Monster

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Architecture, a shapeless monster which pervades and influences our lives.

Binds us, excites us, nervous and consoles.

Above all, architecture is always there, even if you want to avoid it.

Architect, the courageous one who tries, pretends and only sometimes can control the monster.

So many times is the monster to define itself using the efforts of poor unsuspecting citizens.

The citizens, involuntary protagonists. On rainy days a citizen is located in the garden and decides he wants a roof under which he can escape rain. He is unaware of the danger, thinking only to stop the rain, but the monster is behind him, licking his whiskers for the new success.... the imposition!

The authorities, fearful associations of humans, frightened by the architecture, try to sedate the brave, frightened by the energy that could result from an architect who dominates the show

The unsuspecting citizens and the fearful authorities' do not realize the war which is underway. A War of power!

The brave are left alone on the battlefield. It is necessary the action of the associations of human beings in order not to leave the architects to fight without support.

It is a matter of politic, organization of societies.

The value of architecture is an intellectual betrayal orchestrated by the monster, culture is ephemeral compared to the impact that the beast has on us all.