Man as PCs

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I often hear of people acting in designing mode, or he/she is having a day in production mode; and I don’t like it.

It seems that more and more people are simplifying their behaviour into a pattern that is recognizable of a computer. It appears that we are simplifying the complexity of ‘us’ and converting it, or reducing it into a binary language.

I see this happening in architecture. People want modern houses, character homes, minimalistic, eclectic, energy efficient, classic and so on.

It doesn’t feel right for me to simplify and summarize the complexity of the built environment into categories, the design into disciplines, our living into behavioural mode.

Look at the cities around the world that make us feel good, these are the ones where human functions are not segregated into patronized activities, these are the one where you don’t perceive the clash between the external envelope of the building, its landscape, and its interiors.

I prefer to keep dreaming without boundaries, to live in a city where I can buy an orange walking through a market while going for a coffee in a little café at the corner of the building where a friend of mine lives two stories above the street, watching people passing by while he is having breakfast… (A specific memory of a cold morning during winter 1998 in the centre of Amsterdam).

I design with no boundaries and I run an architecture practice that is not design lead, construction lead, sustainably lead, or multidisciplinary and so on….I design feeling the complexity of living and the complexity of the impact of the built environment; a successful project is when everyone involved in the project contributes with their own personal experience and professional knowledge.